Huge update from YouTube Shorts. 3 ideas to join this wave.

A big update is coming next month.

Kazuma Komura
3 min readJan 20, 2023
Photo by Rashidul Islam on Unsplash

According to ThinkMedia. Youtube shorts monetization is coming in next month.

As also, video advertising on TikTok recently cost nearly half that of Instagram Reels. TikTok ads were also a third cheaper than Twitter’s and 62% cheaper than Snapchat’s.

You can’t ignore the power of short-form content. Furthermore, 59% of people who are watching short-form videos are not GenZ.

This means you can’t say TikTok is only a dancing platform.

All industries need to still pay attention to this platform.

In this article, I’m going to show you 3 ideas you can make money to join this huge wave.

For people who have no idea what to do.

Become a video editor specializing in short-form content.

Every entrepreneur, podcaster, and influencer needs a video editor. You can learn some basic video editing skills from Youtube.

I made a couple of bucks as a video editor this month from Fiverr.

But don’t rely on Freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork. Try to approach directly.

For example, cold emails, Instagram DMs, and cold calls.

And also, if you learn some basic sales techniques, it will help you close a client for your service.

For people who have some audience for their social media

Keep making short-form videos for your audience.

Youtube Shorts monetization is next month, so you guys can grab a huge wave for your content business. You can also use this wave to propel your coaching business, merchandise business, or digital product.

If you want to engage your audience with short-form content.

Check out our website to learn how we can help.

For people who already have their own businesses.

Consider advertising your business on TikTok, Youtube shorts, and IG reels.

If you already have a business, consider advertising it on these platforms.

Making food content is a great strategy for restaurant owners. You can hire a videographer to create your content.

If you don't have much money, ask college students for a low-cost price. They will definitely say yes.

You can use this method for any other industry.

The one I’m interested in is the chiropractor and the e-com industry.

These videos are getting millions of views, so you can imagine how many people are going to book appointments or even buy a product from their website.

There are literally hundreds of people you can ask to help you to run your TikTok accounts or make content for your company.

Wrap up

Short-form content is still a big wave. You can miss out on this opportunity. Youtube shorts Monetization is great news for all people who are creating content.

That’s my today article!

Hope you enjoy!