How to leverage your brand using short-form content.

Short-form content is still a trend in 2023.

Kazuma Komura
2 min readFeb 5, 2023
Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

Short-form content shows us a huge power in 2022. This trend still continues in 2023.

It might be a good chance to leverage this opportunity to use short-form content in TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

In this article, I’m going to write about 3 steps that you can use to make your content creation system in 2023.

1. Make a Weekly Content Creation System.

Making Content every day is a nightmare. Most successful players in TikTok don’t edit their videos every day. They make a plan and stick with that.

For example.

Mon — Write 10~15 video scripts.

Tue — Record their video.

Wed/Thur — Edit their video.

Fri — Content Research.

With my client, I do the video script and the Video editing so Clients only work for 2 days to make their 2,3-week content plan.

It will be a nightmare if you write the copy, record the video, and edit the video every single day.

2. Make an engaging hook in 2–3 second

The first 2–3 second is the key. If your hook is bad, people will just scroll to the next video.

Some good hooks are using amazing video effects or doing crazy things.

But if you’re an online coach or business owner, your hook is going to be your words.

I made about 35 video hook scripts you can use for your content creation. It’s totally free. Enjoy. (Notion)

If you have a good copy, you can use your video to lead to your website, product, and service.

Use your short-form content as a funnel.

3. Create your piece from your long-form video.

If you already have a long-form video such as Youtube or your podcast. You can use this video and recreate this into a short-form video.

Most successful podcasts are using this strategy.

They make a 2h episode and they make a bunch of clips to post on their social media.

Some clip goes viral, and people will see the entire episode.

So, you don’t have to make a video only from TikTok. You can use your long-form video and recreate it into a short-form video.

Wrap up.

Short-form content has huge power in social media. You can’t ignore this chance in 2023.

You can leverage this chance to grow your social media.

Thank you for reading.

Want to make short-form content for your social media?

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